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January 14, 2010



Hey hon - just popped in to say how much I LOVE your comment on my blog - you rock!

I know what you mean - I'll be 51 in six years and that is YOUNG, but I remember how old my mum appeared to be at my wedding when she was 46, that's me in a few months.

Maria Thomas

The *The very fine hat* story does make me laugh.

I think that the age thing is everything to do with us getting older. Growing up I never thought anything of having the youngest Mum of all my friends cos she just seemed old or a lot older than me.

Your Mums choice of outfit at your wedding was probably fabulous but a huge difference to your choice of outfit now - Think it was you that blogged that.

Its funny that our heads dont seem to catch up with the aging process. I remember thinking that 40 was ancient now Im over 40 it doesnt seem that old at all.

Paula S

The snow has practically all gone here today and good riddance I say, hope there's no more until next year now!

Have a lovely weekend:)

Cath stannard

Big hugs Maria, makes you think doesn't it!

And yay to no more snow!

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