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December 08, 2009


Paula S

The tree looks fabulous Maria, and, now I know the secret...I have to move to make my tree fit. I must tell Mark, lol!

Congrats to Miss Muffin on winning the Brownie prize, I'm sure it was well deserved.

Glad the book arrived, I completely forgot to tell you I was sending it!

Enjoy your Fridayxx

Maria Thomas

You may have hit on something there, Paula. Have a word with Mark and see what he thinks :)

The girlies are super proud of their efforts and I have been very good and not changed anything. I do have to resist the urge though.


Your tree looks so pretty, I wasn't going to put ours up as we aren't moving until the 18th then we are off visiting, but I think I will now ;) xxxxx

Maria Thomas

Go for it, Charlotte. We had one of those ready decorated fibre optic ones when we were decorating. Just bung it back it in the box when youre done.

So pleased youve finally got a date.

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